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Best Research Proposal Topics in Human Resource Management

Writing a Great HRM PhD Research Proposal

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Some Expert Advice Regarding Writing Your Proposal
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Does positive discrimination work in the workplace? Should HR be on the company board? Which is economic; fire fighting or planning? How can HR drive an organization? Is planning just a way to justify your role?

How does HR fit into strategic planning? How do rewards affect motivation? How more productive is a motivated workforce? Does motivation affect workforce retention? How does motivation affect performance? Does HRM work as a motivator? How does job satisfaction affect motivation? How should appraisals relate to pay awards? How to remove subjectivity in appraisals Are appraisals fair? Where does the trade union belong modern companies?

Can anyone in management function as HR? Is there a dark side to HR? Alternatives to appraisals for judging performance Is performance management effective in the XYZ industry? Do individuals really have any control over performance management? How to relate wages to performance management Can you drive organizational change through HR?

Is there an alternative to HR management? How much value can HR add to an organization? What are the true benefits of HR? How much change in an organization is influenced by HR? Are soft skills really important? Should training be cut when the company has an economic crisis?

How much does training really influence the bottom line? Who should train the people doing the training? Can training be done on a budget? How can influence survival in of crisis?

Is training really effective? How can you manage the HR function effectively? Which is most important; the employee or the company? Is the HR function valued? Choose references carefully to provide the most important background information. The following questions should be addressed in this section: Reference should be made to any standards or de facto theories in the area. What is the general problem that you are trying to solve, and how did the problem arise? Provide proof that this is indeed a problem by using references.

This should lead to the more detailed problem statement in the next section. Why is its solution interesting or worthwhile? What benefits would there be to solving this problem? What value would it have to the specific research community, the industry, society, South Africa or the world?

What will be the contribution or significance of your research if it is successful? How will it contribute to the existing body of knowledge in this field? Why should anyone be interested in your research?

Review of Literature In this section you should show where in current literature the problem was first recognised as well as what serves as the foundation for your research proposal.

The more references you can find that relate to the given problem statement, the more credibility it will have.

A basic understanding of the field is required. Any fundamental theories relating to your research proposal should also be stated, for example, if your research topic is project management, reference should be made to current standards, best practices and any de facto documents.

Project Description This part of your proposal may include the following: Problem statement What is the problem for which a solution is being sought? It is very important that a real-world problem must exists for which there is currently no effective solution. It should be an academic problem, i.

Industry problems seldom make good academic research problems. Trying to solve a problem a specific organisation is experiencing has too narrow focus. The problem should be wide enough to apply to a whole industry. The project goal would be to solve the problem.

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A Sample Research Proposal with Comments A research project or thesis will take at least two semesters to complete. Prior to starting a research, i.e. A Conceptual Framework for Scheduling Constraint Management Provide a brief and meaningful title to your project 1. Introduction.

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Example Research Proposal: Project Management Study NOTE: This is an actual research proposal, based on the Office of Sponsored Research template. If you use this as a base for your own proposal, make sure that you change it appropriately.

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The proposal should include: • what you plan to do in your research • why this work is necessary or desirable • specifications for how you will do it • a persuasive argument that you are the right person for the position Your Supervisor will have the expert knowledge about your task, and will be best able to judge the merits of your objectives and plan of . Search for sample research proposal topics in human resource management for better understanding on how it should look like. HRM Research Proposal Topics. Remember that your research proposal topics in human resource management play an important role in .

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Research proposal – SB/MAC/08/ Page 7 promoting a risk management culture that is necessary to the effective implementation of the risk management framework/5(84). Thesis Proposal Charlotte J. Brandt 3 Preface This thesis proposal is an outline of my Ph.D. thesis describing the research to be conducted over the next.