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Describing My House

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❶Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There are three bedrooms in my house.

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I'd feel positive and lively if I was woken up by the sound of doves perched on the branches of the trees. In this respect, I imagine my dream house near a flowing river, built in the countryside.

It would be located in such a place that I could find fresh water and air. In addition, my house's position would enable me to have as many pets as possible since a large garden with enough space would provide shelter for them.

Also, I'd like my dream house to be near to the city centre so that I might go to big shopping malls with my car if I needed to. As a matter of fact, peace and harmony combined with nature would be the basic feature of the location of my dream house with its closeness to the city for emergency situations and supplying the necessities.

My dream house's interior design should be carefully planned because I believe that beauty lies within the details. Consequently, I'd like it to have a big, spacious hall since it is the first place that you see as you come in through the front door. At the end of the hall, there would be a staircase leading upstairs. I'd like to decorate the walls of the hall with famous artist's reproductions of still life paintings.

For me, these paintings would give person feelings of relaxation and serenity. The first room on the right would be the living-room which is quite large and full of light.

Day light is essential for me so I'd like to have big windows in the living room. A door from the living room would lead to a small study where I could write, read books and work on my assignments.

This small room would make me feel calm and attentive so I could focus my attention to my projects. Upstairs there would be bedroom and bathroom.

Also, my bedroom would reflect my inner world and privacy so it would be painted with my favorite color which is blue. My view is that blue is the color that represents my feelings of harmony and peace. In short I can say that, the interior of my dream house is like my spiritual world so I'd decorate it in such a way that all the rooms, objects and colors would symbolize my true feelings. The outer design of my dream house should be attractively decorated as much as the interior because I prefer to spend time outdoors.

I desire to have magnificent gardens surrounding my house. The front garden should be full of flowers, bushes and fruit trees. The scent of flowers and fruit trees mixed in the air reminds me of heavenly moments filled with happiness and joy. The back garden should be very large so that I can have a lawn with a swimming pool. In addition, there would be another lawn which comes up to the patio. There would also be a flower bed near the back door and a path leading to the garden shed and the greenhouse, where I'd like to grow my own tomatoes, green peppers, parsleys, eggplants.

Besides, there would be a large cage filled with different species of birds like peacocks or parrots. I'd let the door of the cage be open all the time for freedom is very important for me. Birds would come into the cage whenever they want to feed themselves. Watching colorful birds flying above my head while swimming in the pool would be a fantastic experience.

On the wall in my living room hang October, November, and January paintings. A large arch way opens up to the wine colored kitchen area, which is my favorite place in my house. The grayish granite marble tops blend very well with the wine colored walls the dark brown cabinets.

Off to the side of the kitchen, large windows surrounded the kitchen table displaying the backyard. The five step application process of the walls in the tall, two story foyer has the various colors of copper, gold, beige, purple, and cream. The staircase leading to the second floor consists of 15 stairs, and a beautiful brown banister. The second floor of my home includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a laundry room. Walking down the long wide hallway, the walls are covered with oil painting made by artistic step mother.

The third room on the right is my sanctuary, also known as my bedroom. My pretty and pink bedroom is filled with warmth and peace.

My queen size bed is heaven to me because it is so comfortable and it is full of decretive pillows that I have collected over several years. Above my bed hangs a dream catcher and a tie-dye tapestry, which I handcrafted myself.

I have many posters of my favorite music that take up my pink walls. I chose to paint my walls pink to match my blush down filled comforter. My bathroom is shared with my step sister, which leads to her room on the other side.

It is perfect because we both have our own sinks, and multiple drawers to stock up on our toiletries. The third floor is one of my favorite rooms in the whole house. When I was a little girl it was known as our play room, but now it is more of a party room. This is the perfect place for me and my friends to hang out. In front of you, the large spacious room includes a pool table, a ping pong table, and four beds for guests to sleep in.

My house not only symbolizes my family and me as people, but it also holds many memories. I am very lucky and internally grateful to have such a safe and nurturing place of residence and such a loving family to share it with. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Home sweet home specifically for you.

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