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Validity and Reliability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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❶Create a large set of questions that address the same construct and then randomly divide the questions into two sets and administer both instruments to the same sample of people. Related More from user.

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What is Reliability?
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Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. The Validity and Reliability of Qualitative Research. An important design element, for increasing interpretive validity, therefore, is Codebooks specifies definitions and relationships of concepts and terms Qualitative researchers view threats as an opportunity for learning - e.

Brinberg and McGrath 13 Validity In general, validity concerns the degree to which an account is accurate or truthful In qualitative research, validity concerns the degree to which a finding is judged to have been interpreted in a correct way 14 Assessing the Validity of Qualitative Research Can another research read your field and other types of notes i.

When a hypothesis can survive the confrontation of a series of complementary methods of testing, it contains a degree of validity unattainable by one tested within the more constricted framework of a single method. Such descriptions of both the site in which the studies are conducted and of the site to which one wishes to generalize or apply ones findings are critical in allowing one to search for the similarities and differences between the situations.

Analysis of these similarities and differences makes it possible to make a reasoned judgment about the extent to which we can use the findings from one study as a working hypothesis about what might occur in another situation. A finding emerging from the study of several very heterogeneous sites would be more robust and, thus, more likely to be useful in understanding various other sites than one emerging from the study of several very similar sites. Heterogeneity may be obtained by creating a sampling frame that maximizes the variation inherent in the sample, specifically in terms of potentially theoretically important dimensions 27 Section 3 Implications Enhancing the Reliability of Qualitative Research Defining reliability Key strategies for enhancing the reliability of qualitative research 28 Reliability Reliability concerns the ability of different researchers to make the same observations of a given phenomenon if and when the observation is conducted using the same method s and procedure s 29 Enhancing the Reliability of Qualitative Research Researchers can enhance the reliability of their qualitative research by Standardizing data collection techniques and protocols Again, documenting, documenting, documenting e.

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Many of them are also animated. The Measurement Measurement is the process PowerPoint PPT presentation free to view. Brislin, Researcher can use triangulation, i. Instruments caveat emptor - tools researchers use to collect data for research studies alternatively called ' Which type of validity Qualitative research process - Epistemology.

A qualitative research design: Refers to generalizability of the research finding to other similar cases Does the software solution for one case is also applicable to other similar cases in other organization or country. Does the solution has wider application and audience or acceptance.

We need that solution! Researchers prize studies with external validity, since the results can be widely applied to other scenarios. External … External validity for a given study has several aspects: Reliability Means "repeatability" or "consistency". A measure is considered reliable if it would give us the same result over and over again assuming that what we are measuring isn't changing!

Measuring the same distance at different times should give the same result if the instrument e. There are four general classes of reliability estimates , each of which estimates reliability in a different way. Types of Reliability Estimation 24 Inter-rater or inter-observer reliability Is used to assess consistency of different raters Test-retest reliability Is used to assess the consistency of a measure from one time to another Parallel-forms reliability Is used to assess the consistency of the results of two tests constructed in the same way from the same content domain Internal consistency reliability Is used to assess the consistency of results across items within a test.

Establish reliability on pilot data or a subsample of data and retest often throughout. For categorical data a X 2 Chai sqaure can be used and for continuous data an R regression can be calculated. Test-Retest Reliability Used to assess the consistency of a measure from one time to another.

This approach assumes that there is no substantial change in the construct being measured between the two occasions. The amount of time allowed between measures is critical. The shorter the time gap, the higher the correlation; the longer the time gap, the lower the correlation. Parallel-Forms Reliability Used to assess the consistency of the results of two tests constructed in the same way from the same content domain.

Create a large set of questions that address the same construct and then randomly divide the questions into two sets and administer both instruments to the same sample of people.

The correlation between the two parallel forms is the estimate of reliability. One major problem with this approach is that you have to be able to generate lots of items that reflect the same construct.

Split the data into halve and do correlation between the two data sets Positive correlation indicates high reliability. Research questions — ethical or not? Would you feel awkward? Would you answer truthfully? Why are we asking this question anyway? Could we phrase the question better? Pause for thought 34 Is it morally correct to carry out research by any means whatsoever providing that the end result increases the sum of human knowledge or provides some tangible benefit to mankind?

Does the end justify the means? Ethics during Research Research Methodoogy 36 Field notes — what are they? Do we need these? Can we use these in our research? Consent issues Content issues Moral issues You have heard about a crime — do you report it? Confidentiality of respondent data 37 How do we keep track of respondents?

Should we keep track of respondents? How do we de-personalise gathered data? If data are depersonalised, is it morally correct to reuse this data for a new research project?

Ethics after Research 38 Disposal of data — paper or digital? Freedom of Information Act Reuse of data — is this ethical? Are there occasions where reuse of gathered data for another purpose is ok? Requesting permission from respondents Difficulties of contacting original respondents. Research Ethics Committees 40 Monitor ethical issues in research programmes Before during and after research Makes decisions and enforces these Gives researchers organisational support Reassurance to researchers about moral issues related to a particular research project.

Plagiarism 41 What is plagiarism? How do we avoid plagiarism? What are the dangers that plagiarism causes? State some examples of plagiarism. Summary - Ethics Ethics are moral issues relating to the prior design, gathering and usage of data for research purposes Think before, during and after Consult gatekeepers and respondents Never act alone — consult your supervisor if in doubt.

By trish-goza Watch All docs. Slide1 Validity and Reliability Slide2 Validity Is the translation from concept to operationalization accurately representing the underlying concept.

Without a valid design, valid scientific conclusions cannot be drawn Slide3 Types of construct validity Translation validity Trochims term Face validity Content validity Criterion-related validity Predictive validity Concurrent validity Convergent validity Discriminant validity Slide4 Translation validity Is the operationalization a good reflection of the construct?

Slide8 Predictive Validity Assess the operationalization's ability to predict something it should theoretically be able to predict.

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Logical Statistical AKA Criterion Face Content Predictive Construct Concurrent Validity Consistency Reliability Objectivity Logical Validity Face Validity Infers that a test is valid by definition It is clear that the test measures what it is supposed to e.g.

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RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VALIDITY & RELIABILITY Validity and reliability are closely related. A test cannot be considered valid unless the measurements resulting from it are reliable. Likewise, results from a test can be reliable and not necessarily valid.

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Ch. 6: Reliability and Validity in Measurement and Research Validity and Reliability Validity: How well does the measure or design do what it purports to do? Reliability: How consistent or stable is the instrument? Is the instrument dependable? Random and Systematic Error Random Error: Chance fluctuations Tend to cancel out over repeated measurements. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "The Validity and Reliability of Qualitative Research" is the property of its rightful owner.

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Validity and Reliability - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. reasearch methods. Reliability and Validity - Reliability and Validity Reliability When a Measurement Procedure yields consistent scores when the phenomenon being The Validity and Reliability of Qualitative Research - An important design element, for increasing The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Validity and Reliability" is the property of its rightful.