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Help on Customer Service In Government


❶This programme can be delivered on a date of your choice and at a location of your choice, in other words exactly where and when you need it! The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of ASPA as an organization.

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Jun 13,  · When I first started working in the public sector, "customer service" was being touted as the key to improve how government can improve. If .

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Public sector service is different than customer service in the private sector. This interactive training course / workshop / seminar / program addresses best practice giving great government service.

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Customer service in government has some similarities to how it's done in the private sector, but it also comes with unique challenges specific to the public sector. You can't just "copy" the methods used outside of government and expect the goals of government and citizenry to be served. Public Sector Customer Service is a unique challenge with managers asked to continually improve service delivery against the backdrop of diminishing resources.

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Firstly, low level of customer service in public sector organisations may result in willingness of customers to complain about the standard of service they had received, and this in turn will result in extra expenses for both, government and customer, in the forms of lost time, all the possible applications, phone calls, travelling, and even court proceedings involved. In a drive to improve customer service, earlier this year the UK government launched the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard. Neil Davey explores what impact it is having in the public sector - and what the private sector can learn from it.