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Social Inequality Essay

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❶This included mortgages, consumer installment…… [Read More]. Available from the Internet:

Social stratification essay

Interview Assignment on Social Inequality

According to Marx, there are two main classes in society: The capitalists owned the means of production while the workers sold their labor to earn a living.

Marx used his theory to describe a capitalist society where individuals are only concerned about their own success. When incorporating this theory into society, the capitalists are found at the upper class with full possession of wealth, power and prestige. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that the middle class have greater access to opportunities as compared to the lower class. Luckily, an individual is not condemned to stay in the socioeconomic status they are born in forever as they can move out of it through things such as education or marriage.

Moving from one societal class to the other is termed as social mobility. They are taken to the best schools and hospitals in the world, and they will never sleep hungry. As such, they tend to stay comfortable and in most cases are nurtured in a way to maintain the status quo.

On the contrary, those of the lower classes in society have to work extra harder so as to get access to such opportunities. For instance, a child of the lower class can only get access to the best schools if they perform exceptionally well in school and are awarded a scholarship. Critics though have come out to dispute claims that anyone can attain material success if they work hard simply because society does not expose us to equal opportunities.

Therefore, it is only fare if those in governance can make grounds favorable for the less privileged in society to compete equally with the privileged. In conclusion, I have really learnt a lot from the interview process, having had it with someone of a different social status from mine. I was really proud of my interviewee because he did not seem to be weighed down with his social status.

Many assume that if a women is a single mother, divorced, or divorcing this may take an effect on her work ability. In society when it comes to gender and family, each gender is expected to have a certain type of role. When it comes to family there are many different types and levels. Usually in a family women are expected to take care of the children and men are expected to work and provide. In this modern day society women usually do both, work and take care of their family.

Since the beginning of humankind women were suppose to bare the children and men were suppose to provide for the family.

Since this though was considered since the begnning of mankind its hard to earse this thought. Still til this day, women mainly do the cooking while men provide. Since women are mainly thought of being in the kitchen, its hard for men to picture women in the workfield.

Since the beginning of time women have been thought of as the housekeepers. When World War II came around things changed and women had to step up to the plate.

Ads such as Rosie the Riveter promoted women to get jobs and work outside the household. Before this time the life for a woman was boring and just an endless cycle of the same tasks. During the s and s a spring of debates and research formed on family from feminist viewing this topic. Before feminist began to look t the value of family, the researched typically focused on the kinship and family ties and how society affects them.

Many feminist argued that there was an unequal power instilled in the families and that more family benefitted more than the other. There are three spectrums that feminist found important when examining the importance of family. One is the domestic of labor, which is the way tasks are allocated among household members.

Feminist tend to disagree about the historical upcoming if this division. Some view it as a effect of the industrial capitalism. Another theme would be unequal power relationships, which equals domestic violence. The last theme would be caring activities, this theme extends from looking after a person who is ill to looking after an elder.

Not only do women complete household chores and child care they also have significant emotional labor in maintaining personal relationships Duncome and Marsden Caring activities are grounded by in love, deep emotion, they also require an ability to listen, perceive, negotiate, and act creatively Intro Soc Women play a huge role when it comes to family and society.

Women provide a nurturing environment for society because of their loving nature. Inequalities are useful for when a person wants to demonstrate that there are multiple possible answers to a question, or a range of answers to a particular math question.

This example uses body mass index BMI as a way of demonstrating how some answers have ranges. The BMI is a rough measure of health based on weight and height. The formula for calculating BMI is as follows: The following guidelines are suggestive of the relationship between health and weight: Inequality of Men and Women in the Workplace.

Gender Inequality at Workplace We live in a modern world, a world of advancements and developments. The present era has witnessed the greatest developments of human society and people claim that this era is just and free of inequalities. Despite the large scale developments and the transition to modernism, various inequalities and discriminations, such as racial and socioeconomic disparities, still exist in the society. Gender discrimination, can be regarded as one of the contemporary social problems.

In this inequality, the oppressed party, usually the women, suffers a lot. They have to face various issues in relation to education, job opportunities, wage and benefits and unequal treatment. It has been reported by various studies that in the case of recruitment, employers prefer to employ male candidates more as compared to female candidates. In addition to that, the requirements for female candidates are set so high that they find it very difficult…… [Read More].

Do causal relationships "class" "inequality"? Inequality Throughout the past recent years, the world has evolved at a rapid pace, and this development has been obvious at an economic level, a technological level, but also a social level. Specifically, more and more emphasis is placed on social well-being and the creation of social advantages across nations. In the direction of social well-being, an increased emphasis is being placed on the elimination of inequality, and the efforts have yet to be fully capitalized upon.

In the age of capitalism and globalization, the rich seem to become richer, and the poor become even poorer. While this statement might appear as lyric, it can be backed by several real life examples.

One relevant example in this sense is represented by the…… [Read More]. Inequality in Canada One of the Most.

This is particularly true when it comes to women's healthcare, an issue which has already received inadequate attention and support even before one factors in other elements that make access to that healthcare more difficult. Acquisition of an Unfit Identity," I was especially struck by how the specific difficulties faced by disabled women, immigrant women, and overweight women are ultimately based on their status as women and the…… [Read More].

Equality and Equity Inequality within Organizations Equality and equity: Applications One of the most notable deficits in equality within my organization is the lack of women in senior management positions. Although women are represented at lower level and middle level positions of leadership, the top leadership remains disproportionately male.

One possible reason for this is the fact that women still bear a disproportionate amount of the child-rearing and housekeeping burden in our society. Women are being forced to 'do it all' if they wish to 'have it all. In social service agencies in particular, which are often given the responsibility of dealing with the unique needs of women and children -- who are more likely to suffer poverty than males -- a lack of…… [Read More].

Educational Inequalities Today, educational inequalities are experienced in most campuses, and it is getting more vicious day by day. This is because one side does not want to fight, but the other tends to act very bellicose. In the United States, education takes the lead toward the realization of pluralistic democracy; this means the government has to ensure that there is total and equal accessibility to educational opportunities for all Americans, at all level and all fields.

In summary this paper will analyze the articles provided by identifying the forms of educational inequities and inequality faced by students from minority backgrounds. Inequality of Education in America. Individual ights The modern society is characterized by different issues that face race, ethnicity, culture, and gender. Most of these varying issues in today's society are centered on individual rights because of the increased likelihood of discrimination or prejudice based on different factors including race, gender, ethnicity, and culture.

One of the major issues that need to be addressed in today's society is inequality in the United States education system. This is an issue that requires urgent attention because education systems not only reflect inequality levels in the society but also act as indicators of inequality levels for future generations. The increased levels of inequality in the United States education system reflect the level of inequalities in other sectors in the country given the impact on education on these societal facets and aspects.

Generally, education is one of the most important functions of the government because it is the foundation…… [Read More]. Inequality Issue Behind Why Men. Gender inequality is often present here. Often, one spouse takes on too many roles, either because the other spouse is not willing to take on these rolls or because the first spouse is, inherently, an overachiever or perfectionist.

In this circumstance, it is easy for the spouse who is overwhelmed to become frustrated with his or her mate because he or she feels that the mate is not holding equal responsibility in the marriage.

What has been suggested by many feminists and marriage counselors is that couples need to work together to share roles equally in the household, each taking on the roles most conducive to his or her strengths. Also, it is important for each spouse to recognize the contributions that the other makes to the family and thank him or her for these contributions.

In this case, then, gender inequality will not exist, and couples will feel appreciated…… [Read More]. Income Inequality and the Great. His assertion that the idea of "mass production" must also be accompanied by "mass consumption" is based on the idea that the individual has the economic resources to be able to purchase goods.

This, by its very nature, implies that income is distributed throughout society, and in situations where it is not, it leads to economic crisis'. In the case of the United States in the 's, the kind of income distribution necessary to maintain a mass production economy slowly disappeared into the coffers of a few wealthy individuals.

When their credit ran out, the game stopped. This included mortgages, consumer installment…… [Read More]. Economic Inequality There are certain specific factors associated with the rich. As along as one can afford decent shelter, sumptuous meals; better education and access better health care then such a person cannot be said to be poor. It is so natural for the rich to remain healthy and live longer than the poor.

They lead an easy life, for instance, it is unheard of for a business executive to go without food or sleep out on a park bench.

They understate the equally undisputable fact that by equitably distributing and allocating wealth human injustices and misery can be prevented.

It is important to note that unfair distribution of wealth is not a recent phenomenon or something unique to America but it is a situation that humanity has faced since the start of civilization. Most contemporary economic systems, unfortunately, worsen this situation by extolling, defending and promoting this brutal distribution…… [Read More].

Problem of Inequality in Marriage. Inequality in Marriage in English Literature Although existing from the dawn of history itself, marriage as an institution has greatly changed its scope and purpose in time. Thus, before the modern period, marriage was an arrangement between two parts, functioning almost as a social contract and meant to serve particular proposes. Marriage used to be one of the most important institutions in society, as it was the only acceptable way to have and raise children and thus perpetuate the human race.

It was almost a social indecency to shrink from marrying and to lead an independent life. Moreover, once a marriage was contracted, a divorce would have been unacceptable.

For some men, marriage was a source of dowry or a means of getting a better social position. For women though, for the longest time, marriage had been the only means of survival, something that their very existence depended on. Economic Growth and Inequality The relationship between economic growth and economic inequality has been thoroughly studies throughout the decades. Some of the theoreticians in the field claim that economic inequality has a positive effect on economic growth, while others have concluded that the effect is actually a negative one, because of the costs it implies, and a more economically equal situation would be preferable.

However, practice reveals even more complex implications of the phenomenon of economic inequality on economic growth. Several studies have revealed that in poor countries, economic inequality reduces inhibits economic growth, compared to richer countries, where inequality stimulates economic growth.

Economic inequality also has social implications. A high level of inequality usually leads to social cohesion, for example, which may further lead to social pressures on the government, strikes or other social manifestations in certain circumstances. Although inequality has social, political…… [Read More]. Inequalities Rampant Among the Dod and Associated. An Analysis of Affirmative Action Efforts in the Military and Civilian Workforce There have been numerous initiatives in recent years targeted at eliminating discrimination and under-representation among minorities and the disabled in the civilian workforce.

Today the DOD is working together with multiple agencies in order to establish affirmative action oriented recruitment, retaining and promotions programs that will specifically attract minority and disabled candidates, in an attempt to eliminate the discrepancies that currently exist with regard to representation.

There have been numerous articles and reports that have analyzed the DOD's and Navy's combined efforts to improve representation, two of which are closely examined below. Inequalities Are Made and emade South Wales The objective of this work is to examine the way that inequalities are made and remade in South Wales. As this study will relate, there are inherent inequalities in South Wales both historically and traditionally.

The work of Winckler entitled "Equality Issues in Wales: A esearch eview" that statistics on equality in Wales is based on measurements relating to race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, and religion. The report states that there are 10, refugees and 2, asylum seeker in Wales, in addition to 2, Gypsy Travelers.

Men are outnumbered by women. Poverty and Social Exclusion Winckler states that sufficient evidence exists to make the conclusion that ethnic minority groups along with individuals who are disabled and children and young people as well…… [Read More].

Inequalities Impact on Our Lives. Murray characterizes educational romantics as people who believe that the academic achievement of children is determined mainly by the opportunities they receive and has little to do with their intellectual capacity. Educational romantics believe the current K education system is in need of vast improvement. Murray describes two types of educational romantics, one set on the Left and one on the ight, and differentiates between the two thusly: It is children of poor parents, and girls whose performance is artificially depressed, and their academic achievement will blossom as soon as they are liberated from the racism, classism, and sexism embedded in American education.

Those of the ight see public education as an ineffectual monopoly, and think that educational achievement will blossom when school choice liberates children from politically correct curricula and obdurate teachers' unions Murray, Inequalities There Needs to Be a Curb. A country should be considered to be like a family where the weakest is protected against the strongest who may consciously or unconsciously wrong them.

It also must not be forgotten that the weakest are not to be excused for breaking the law, as no one should be above the law. All individuals need to be treated as equals, and hence, also deserve equal rights in status; caste, color or creed should not have any bearing on the way that one is treated. Being contemporary human beings, it is about time that primitive beliefs are deemed irrelevant.

A political set up that is independent of religious influences is perhaps the most appropriate for a country because of the fact that more people will eventually be brought closer together. Considering the ongoing discrimination, it appears that this is the…… [Read More].

Inequalities in the Distribution of Resources and. Explain the impact of the inequalities on clients and the organization. Equality and equity of access: Equality is a common phrase used in the rhetoric of American democracy. But equality and sameness are not synonyms. Having to be 'the same' as everyone else is not equality at all. For example, for persons of minority religions, being prohibited from practicing their religion or even being forced to obey certain dictates that are in conflict with their religious codes can threaten their equal rights, even though violating their religious taboos might make them more 'the same' as everyone else.

Not providing a supportive instruction program to ESL students does not make these students more equal, in relation to their peers, even if 'the same' education is offered to all students. Doing away with…… [Read More]. Inequalities in the Society and Effect on Labor Mobility. Social Stratification and Social Mobility Systems of social stratification The systems refer to the manner that the society utilizes in ranking individuals in a hierarchy.

Undeniably, the classifications suffice the reality that some groups of individuals possess greater wealth, power, and status compared to others.

Differences in the groups of individuals describe the nature of social stratification. Social inequality occurs as a significant aspect of the society as it facilitates the smooth operation of the society. For example, high rewards lure and motivate highly talented individuals to perform involving tasks such as brain surgery.

On the other, most individuals can perform blue-collar jobs such as cleaning toilets and mowing grass thereby limiting its level of returns. The open class system allows social interactions between classes that rely on achievements, prevalent in industrialized nations. On the other hand, the closed class system confirms on the social status of individuals and ancestral…… [Read More]. Mental Health and Social Inequalities. Inequalities in Mental Health Over the last several years, different theories have been utilized to explain the societal factors in the quality of mental health.

The basic idea is to understand which variables will have the greatest impact on the person's ability to contribute to society. The social structure theory is taking a unique perspective in studying the problem. To fully understand its importance requires looking at the main ideas and why it was chosen. Together, these elements will illustrate how this influences mental health and the effects it is having on contemporary thinking.

Gabbidon, Cole, The social structure theory believes that the economic class will have a direct impact on the quality of care, treatment options and the effects on society itself. This is because poor neighborhoods face greater amounts of strain, frustrations, reduced opportunities and disorganization.

These variables will influence how someone sees their surroundings and…… [Read More]. Health Inequalities Several Factors Have. Mary Shaw from the University of Bristol on the parliamentary constituencies of Britain revealed a number of social policy scenarios. The study traced the impact of the variations to society that might be brought through the effective execution of three social and economic policies.

Firstly, they examined the efficacy of the policy of modest redistribution of wealth to counteract the health inequalities. During the decades s and s there were a considerable variation in the wealth possessions of rich and poor reflected in the major variations in their health enumerated by mortality rates.

The study revealed that by returning to the inequalities in wealth of about deaths annually could have been prevented. At the time all of this was occurring Dafler relates that: The destiny of the natives of Aboriginal origin, but not of the full blood, lies in their ultimate absorption by the people of the Commonwealth, and [the commission] therefore recommends that all efforts be directed towards this end. Healthcare Inequalities Are healthcare inequalities UK Defining Health Inequality The term healthcare disparity or healthcare differences have been defined in a number of ways.

Healthcare inequality can be defined as the difference of the health levels of any tow comparable demographic groups within a certain country or a region even when proper healthcare facilities are available. The inclusive incidences include higher rates of mortality as well as morbidity within the people who belong to lower occupational classes and are poorer.

These rates are higher as compared to the mortality rates in the people who belong to better occupational classes being richer and more privileged. Second important aspect that has been highlighted in the definitions of healthcare inequality includes increased rates of occurrence of mental healthcare-based issues in people from poor classes.

A number of countries have been highlighted with healthcare inequalities including Canada and UK. Since , the documentation of…… [Read More]. Philosophy Inequalities This Report Aims. Who is worse off in this case?

Consider that in this scenario, it may in fact be an advantage for a person to be young and black but as the scale tips with age, that same advantage becomes a liability. The answer to our question then, at least for this example, is maybe. Third Assumption Economic independence may be the outcome when wage work is an option. Consider that minorities…… [Read More]. Poverty Is Bad but Inequality. As long as we do not remain unequal in residual unwanted risks. That is as long as inequality is not rooted in pure random events.

Otherwise this inequality is bad, a true divide indeed! What Dornbusch is saying in effect is that inequality is a positive aspect that flows from the different talents, motivational elements and market forces that normally occur in a free market economy. He does not view inequality that is a result of outside factors that are imposed, such as discrimination and oppression, in a positive light. Only inequality that results from natural differences and different degrees of individual effort and motivation is considered to be "good.

Economic Inequality and Austerity Motivator for Revolution. Economic inequality occurs when there is a gap in the economic well beings of a group of individuals in a given country. In the Arab world, the economic inequality is one of the major factors that leads to the political violence because a discontent generated from a gap has been the major determinant of violent behavior. Typically, income inequality has a strong correlation with mass violence, and the higher the level of income inequality, the higher the probability of mass violence and political revolution.

In , a year-old grocery vendor set himself ablaze in Tunisia because the police confiscated his goods. The uprising occurred on the following day making a large proportion of the population to protest violently.

The issue had the traits of a revolution with the aim of obtaining greater…… [Read More]. Growth and Development World Inequality. Then, in a. The period also represented an ascension in arts, as numerous works, such as sculptures and cathedrals, had been completed. Books were being printed; advancements were being made in literacy and more focus was being placed on the learning process, with the opening of learning institutions; diplomatic services and approaches were gaining momentum; more inventions were being made and the first forms of copy right and patents emerged Timeline.

All these developments were however occurring in the more developed states, such as Spain, France, the Netherlands or Portugal. Given this situation, as well as Diamond's theory of world evolution, it could be argued that…… [Read More]. New Inequality by Richard B Freeman.

New Inequality by Richard B. Freeman whereby he has given certain viewpoints about the income inequality problems in the United States. Freeman in his book The New Inequality has discussed about the income inequality problems that are prevalent in the United States. The same has risen to unexpectedly high levels. This paper discusses the issues attached with inequality with respect to incomes of the Americans. Argument of the Author The argument provided by Freeman in his book is pretty solid and conclusive in stating what is the current problem with the American families in the times of today as well as what needs to be done in order to plug the gap between the…… [Read More].

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- The purpose of this essay is to firstly give an overview of the existence of inequalities of health related to ethnicity, by providing some evidence that ethnic inequality in health is a reality in the society and include definitions of keywords.

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Theories of Social Inequality Essay Words | 4 Pages Theories of Social Inequality In briefly evaluating the classical and modern explanations of social inequality, it is essential that we step outside the realm of our own lives, class position, and discard any .

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Essay on The Usefulness of “the Sociological Imagination†in Relation to Gender, Social Inequality and Suicide The Usefulness of “The Sociological Imagination” in Relation to Gender, Social Inequality and Suicide Sociological imagination is the “quality of mind” (Mills, p. In the essay "Imagine a country" the author describes inequality in our country based on the perspective of a functionalist, conflict theorist, and social interationist. Functionalist argues that stratification is necessary and beneficial to a society to ensure the highest /5(10).

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Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Social Inequality Essay There are currently a number of various social inequalities that face our society as of today. These issues range from social control, .