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Animal welfare essay

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❶International Journal of Public Administration, 24 1 , It is among the three largest retailers across the world, coming third after Wal-Mart and Carrefour, when measured in terms of revenues.

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Environmental enrichment as a method of improving welfare in captive parrots Harasymiv, Kalyna, Discusses ways of providing environmental enrichment for captive parrots in order to limit problem behaviour.

The Importance of encouraging Naturalistic Behaviours Murray, Caitlin, Considers methods of enriching the environment of captive Orange-winged Amazon parrots Amazona amazonica , focusing on both food-based and stimulus-type enrichments. Environmental enrichment and welfare in caged parrots Perin Vale, Louise, Animal welfare essay. Welfare developments for captive psittacines McAdams, Kimberley, Animal welfare essay. Welfare developments for captive psittacines.

Viewing 5 results of View All Recent advances in the use of clomipramine in urine marking in cats Leibel, Suzanne, Animal welfare essay. Recent advances in the use of clomipramine in urine marking in cats. Cat Protection Society Prize Winner Outlines the problems in recognising the often subtle signs of pain in cats, and in asssessing pain.

Looks at using a behavioural scoring system to reliably assess pain in cats. Recent advances in controlling feline urine spraying Thomas, Meagan, Investigates various methods of controlling inappropriate urination in cats.

Indoor-housing of the Domestic Cat Felis silvestris catus: View All Looking at the causes of stress in cattle transported by road Batty, Martin, Animal welfare essay. Looking at the causes of stress in cattle transported by road. Improving the welfare of artificially-reared dairy calves by modelling rearing practices on natural calf behaviour with conspecifics Mitchell, Tamira Jennifer, Animal welfare essay.

Improving the welfare of artificially-reared dairy calves by modelling rearing practices on natural calf behaviour with conspecifics. Human-animal relationships and productivity on the farm Parsons, Belinda, Animal welfare essay. Human-animal relationships and productivity on the farm. Minimisation of heat stress to improve the welfare of feedlot cattle Shirlow, Gwen, Animal welfare essay.

Minimisation of heat stress to improve the welfare of feedlot cattle. Advances in Dairy Cattle Welfare Assessment. Contraceptive Treatment of Feral Female Deer as an Alternative to Lethal Methods of Population Control Poad, L, Discusses fertility control as an alternative to the current lethal methods for decreasing overabundant populations of deer.

Current therapies for noise phobia in canids. Risk factors and behaviours associated with canine separation anxiety and treatment options available to improve welfare. Friend, Michelle, Animal welfare essay. Dogs in rescue shelters: Lee, Amy, Animal welfare essay. Developments in improving the welfare of dogs with separation anxiety Marchetti, Oriana, Animal welfare essay.

Developments in improving the welfare of dogs with separation anxiety. Treatment of noise phobia in dogs: Viewing 3 results of 3. Improving the welfare of female African elephants Loxodonta africana in zoos Phillips, Ali, Animal Welfare Essay on improving the welfare of female African elephants Loxodonta africana in zoos.

What has been discovered in the past twelve months that enhances the welfare of captive elephants? Grassi, Tanya, Discusses the results of recent research that helps optimise the conditions for captive elephants. Such factors as elephant communication, reproduction and health are examined. Captive Asian Elephant Welfare: View All Welfare implications of the commercial use of seahorses Hippocampus sp.

Clayton, Bronwyn, Examines the commercial use of seahorses and its welfare implications. Pain and welfare in rainbow trout Cohen, Michelle, Discisses recently published studies on pain and handling stress in trout. Stress and cultured rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Kavanagh, Lisa, Looks at ways of enhancing welfare, performance and production in farmed trout, by improving the understanding of stressors in aquaculture systems.

Impact of stress on the welfare of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Geiger, Letitia, Animal Welfare essay - the impact of stress on the welfare of rainbow trout.

The Key to assessing their Welfare? Ashley, Katherine, Examines the use of heat shock proteins to assess stress in farmed fish. Including Octopus in Welfare Laws on the basis of their self-awareness Fisher, Louise, Discusses the needs that octopus show for an improved standard of care in captivity, especially for a more stimulating and enriched environment.

View All Physiological responses of horses in transit and the effect on welfare Abbott, Angelique, Animal welfare essay. Poaching can affect our environment by disturbing the ecosystem that lead to extinction The growing elderly population translated to the growing need for efficient assistance and treatment strategies. In response to this need, there has been increasing attention given to The red panda, or firefox as it is often called is a very rare and unique creature that lives beneath the forest canopy in the mountains in Nepal, Bhutan, India, Laos and Myanmar.

There are two different subspecies, which live in slightly different geographical areas. As implied by their name, red pandas are red and have white and black markings. Their legs and bellies are A ball python is one of the most obedient snakes, which is why it is the most common pet snake. The ball python is native Africa residing in forests, savannahs and grasslands.

Ball pythons are active around dawn and dusk. The typically grow between four and five feet in length. Ball pythons are known for curling up tightly and burrowing. Burrowing allows these snakes to Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. By clicking "SEND", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

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First, it touches on a wide range of subjects. There are actually several different reports such as human rights, social responsibility, health care, animal welfare and supplier code of conduct Starbucks. Second, I like the fact that it addresses the farmers from whom the company buys its beans -- these are people doing manual labor in hot countries, band often do not receive a living wage. So that is good. Third, I like that the company has targets and tracks some of its social responsibility outcomes.

This will help the company to improve its social responsibility performance, as well as its ethical performance. As for the McDonalds statement the company also reflects social responsibility in its statement. This is something that McDonalds has been forced to address by protests and negative publicity and there isn't any…… [Read More].

Poor Public Image Conceptual framework Perceived quality, brand loyalty, brand awareness and brand associations are all widely used concepts and therefore they are applied in this study. Previous researchers have identified connections among perceived quality, brand loyalty, brand awareness and brand associations Vukasovic, ; Buil et al.

Laying emphasis on the immediate impact which the sizes of brand equity could have on it would reveal that the biggest effects are expected to be from brand associations, brand loyalty and perceived quality.

Brand awareness has been identified as an important but insufficient factor for value creation. This paper talks about the concept of corporate rebranding strategy as well as the concept of a coordinated group of proposition proposals focused on its conceptualization as…… [Read More].

Keys to Success in Multinational Companies. In managing a multinational company in the food products industry, it is essential to implement a solid knowledge management system to ensure that as much relevant information as possible is handled in the most effective manner.

Issues that must be addressed to ensure the safety of the product and that optimum delivery to consumers is possible include: This paper will discuss the key benefits of creating a best practice policy on each of these described issues and will speculate on the major ramifications if such policies are not created.

This paper will also predict the significant ways in which the best practices policy created here will contribute towards the long-term sustainability of the company. Finally this paper will determine whether or not the…… [Read More]. Wildlife Attractions Animal attractions such as zoological parks have long been a favorite amongst tourist. However there is a great deal of debate concerning the ethical responsibilities of placing animals on display.

The purpose of this discussion is to investigate the ethic and pros and cons wildlife attractions. More specifically the research will address four main arguments as it pertains to wildlife attraction ethics. The arguments include scientific research, conservation, educating the public and entertainment. We will also discuss the deaths of animals at wildlife attractions. Let us begin by discussing the history of wildlife attractions. History of Wildlife Attractions According to Flippen the collection of animals has long been a form of colonial commerce.

The ability of merchants to sell large animals was dependent upon factors such as the popularity of circus animals and the abilities of professional collectors who supplied them.

The article explains that initially zoos…… [Read More]. Poisoning Our Planet if it. From the point-of-view of the variation and flexibility of the species such cultivated woody crops rank as no more than cornfields. While the tree farms are conveniently be stretched on the private lands, national forests those are considered priceless reservoirs of most of the biological diversity of the nation cannot expand so easily.

The commercial logging is considered as the greatest danger for survival of the national forest system. The timber sales are growingly concealed beneath the post fire recovery and fire prevention missions, forest health initiatives and restoration programs. Endangered Freedoms Wetlands disappearing Declining wetlands and reservoir construction are having spectacular influences on a global scale.

The country added…… [Read More]. Zoos Are Categorically Utilitarian in. Singer would also claim that there is no actual utility in abusing animals in this way, and that it does not promote the greatest good for the greatest number for either the animal or human communities. Even if an individual animal has no inherent rights as Tom Regan would claim , the human being has a moral duty to respect all animals with the capacity for suffering.

It is important to alleviate suffering, and therefore important to liberate the animals in their collective condition of oppression in an exploitative zoo. Tom Regan would argue that the exploitative zoo infringes on the rights of the individual animals -- as Regan does claim that animals have the same rights as human beings. Therefore, it is more likely that Regan would denounce all zoos including those designed for species preservation -- because Regan would not place any perceived utility before rights.

Regan's thesis is…… [Read More]. The world's largest exporter of fur clothing is China, and is as well considered as the largest fur trade production and processing base within the globe. Some of the wild species that are bred for fur are ex abbits, mink, raccoon dogs, red and arctic foxes.

Based on the fur industry sources of China, as a result of increase in international fur traders, fashion designers and processors, the business have shifted to China, leading to availability of cheap labor in addition to enjoying unrestrictive regulations making life easier and broaden the profit margins. Whether to buy fur that originate from China or not has been an issue discussed widely.

However, indeed fur from China does not deserve to be bought, and there are various indications to back this. For example, the manner…… [Read More]. Sharks Are Dangerous to People: Finally, with respect to the argument that sharks constitute a genuine danger because they often attack and eat human beings, that point is both inaccurate and simplistic.

Sharks actually avoid human beings except where drawn to us, either by the scent of blood in the water or perceptible signs of physical stress, both of which they evolved over many millions of years to detect Perrine The evidence actually suggests that many fatal attacks on humans are the result of sharks' mistaking us for their usual prey; that accounts for the relative frequency with which sharks initiate only one test bite without pursuing the attack further Stevens In fact, the vast majority of shark attacks on human are attributable to the ridiculous practice of feeding sharks in the open ocean, such as in conjunction with tourist cruises and diving expeditions.

These practices condition sharks…… [Read More]. Abuse of Horses Boarding Horses. Retrieved April 7, , at http: Greyhound Racing The Case for. Not only does it use animals for mere entertainment at a huge cost to the welfare of those animals, but it also condones countless other modes of abuse and neglect -- from needless or excessive animal experimentation, vivisection, to "animal mills" or excessive breeding facilities based on the "bottom line," to the needless suffering and torture of livestock reared and killed in "factory farms.

Dog racing is on the decline. One has but to work a bit harder to see it eventually die out altogether. Retrieved on November 22, , from http: Last Chance for Animals staff. Pharmacologic Treatment of Fear and. Furthermore, other behaviors of the dogs were adversely affected e. In his essay, "Animal Models of Psychiatric Disorders and Their elevance to Alcoholism," Hitzemann reports that, "Both fear and anxiety are alerting signals that warn the individual against impending danger and enable the individual to take defensive measures.

For animals, the distinctions between fear and anxiety are vague" p. The distinctions between fear and anxiety are clearly irrelevant for humans who encounter such stressed animals, though.

According to Hodge and Stull , dog bites cause an average of 17 human deaths, 6, hospitalizations, and , emergency room visits every year in the Untied States and a like number of people probably do not seek treatment or report the incident, but may nevertheless experience psychological trauma, anxiety, and missed work or school.

Furthermore, dog bites…… [Read More]. William Cronon The connection between the history of nature and society defines the very concept of history itself. Both Cronon and Merchant purport that examining how and why human communities transform over time and their relation to the land that changes and is changed by them is most integral to the development of "New World.

Most of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions' postbag on the European Commission Chemicals Strategy concerns the huge increase in animal testing likely to result. It would seem difficult for the Commission to make recommendations on chemical assessment without addressing the issues of the acceptability of alternatives to animal testing, and the implications of the recommendations for animal testing. Works Cited Bostock, Stephen.

Zoos and animal rights: Cui, Bingbing, and Dezhong Jiang. Oxford University Press, A Very Short Introduction. Rabbits Used in Product Testing.

Works Cited American Psychological Association. Research Animals in Psychology. Face processing in humans and new world monkeys: Retrieved March 27, , from http: Spallone, C , April Toward Legal Rights for Animals.

The Ethics of Animal Experimentation: Retrieved June 23, , From http: California report criticizes animal cruelty at large cattle And poultry farms. Retrieved September 1, , from http: Benz, Kathy, and McManus, Michael. PETA accuses lab of animal cruelty. A Commitment to the Future. Cambridge University Press; 1st edition. Ethics, humans and other animals: An introduction with readings. Works Cited Chestnutt, Charles.

Library of America, Motivational Theories of animal'shelters View Full Essay. Works Cited Brown, Robert. Legislative Failure and a Proposed Solution. Scientific Support for Invasive Species Management.

Works Cited Bridgstock, Martin. Science, technology and society. Lab animal abuse, vivisection exposed. Conciliation for the Sake of View Full Essay.

Cohen, Carl and Regan, Tom. Public Lukewarm on Animal Rights. Reference List Animal Welfare Institute Animal welfare policy statements. Works Cited Barker, Randolph T. Dennick, Reg and Kate Exley. Reader's Digest Books Coren, S. The Intelligence of Dogs: Effects of attentional focusing on pain and perception. Motivation and Emotion, 13, Attentional shifts alter pain perception in the chicken. Consciousness, cognition and animal welfare, 10, SS Stress inoculation for pain: What's really going on?

Journal of Counseling Psychology Melzack, R. Past, present, and future. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 47, Business process management journal, 4 3 , Global Issues, Trends and Challenges. Scientific and Technical Review, Vol. The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 48 11 , Retrieved 11 May from: Animal welfare laws in Queensland. Organisational Development View Full Essay.

Euthanasia in Animal Shelters: Anthrozoos, Vol 26, Issue 4, Retrieved from Taylor and Francis Online: Retrieved August 29, , from ABC: Managing organisational change in public services: References Primary Sources Jacqui. Sustainable Solutions for Animals, People and the Planet. A Report by Compassion in World Farming. Nutrition Bulletin, 30, , pp. Vegetarianism and Vegan Diet. Physiology and Maintenance, vol.

References Text Fieser, J. Introduction to business ethics [Electronic version]. Capitalism Articles Friedman, M. The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits.

New York Times Magazine. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Accessed on 11 March, Cloning: Law" 22 October, Ivanhoe Broadcast News. Accessed on 11 March, Economic Analysis" Retrieved at http: Accessed on 11 March, Gabby.

Accessed on 11 March, On being a scientist: A guide to responsible conduct in research, 3rd ed. Resources Managers should look into opening new avenues that will promote their marketing tactics. Managing intellectual assets throughout the supply chain.

Retrieved November 09, from: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. National Institutes of Health. Department of Health and Human Services. Making the Business Case. The value of online surveys. Strengths and Weaknesses of Research Designs. Christian Ethics View Full Essay. Cathy Growney DP Money: Ethical Investing - passing fad or an investment in all our futures? Daily Post Liverpool, England 2. Bien, Melanie, Meet the moral money-makers. European ethical investment funds Date: Smith, Mat How to ruin your saintly image: Mat Smith finds some of them strangely careless about where they invest.

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Free Essay: Animal welfare is a fairly recent, yet troubling argument in society. This subject is a strong argument on a variety of opinions. Animal welfare.

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Animal welfare is the viewpoint that animals should not suffer unnecessarily, and basic needs should be met. Suffering and satisfaction of an animal cannot be measured directly, but the consequences of various causes of suffering and satisfaction can be compared in numerous ways.

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Animal welfare has become a major issue and has grown internationally. The human concern and the safety and rights of animals is the meaning of the concept of animal welfare. Through decades of animal welfare, people fight to prevent the action of animal cruelty and bring help towards animal rights. Below is an essay on "Animal Welfare" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Animal Welfare The belief that non-human animals should have a physical and psychological well-being is known as animal welfare/5(1).

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Animal welfare is a fairly recent, yet troubling argument in society. This subject is a strong argument on a variety of opinions. Animal welfare has become a major issue and has grown internationally. The human concern and the safety and rights of animals is the meaning of the concept of animal. Sep 20,  · View and download animal welfare essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your animal welfare essay.